Looking for purpose

Since two years ago until todayWhen I desire to do
 something and make a plan for it, always  I ask myself  "WHY"?
I believe its importance question in the Human life.
I noticed people, myself among them go deeper into something than they lose a lot of things like; time, power, money, relationships

And they don't know WHY they do it? 
may you will say: that unreal,  but we do it when we award about ourselves or not. 
to clarify what I want to tell you, look for your past decision like your major in the university, your job, or the chosen the man/woman of your life . for example . and then ask yourself about the causes that made you make this decision , is it the impact of the family/society ? is it fear of losing something ? or unknown causes ?   

I believe all works that humans do it to achieve a HAPPINESS.
but may they want something but they seek it in the wrong direction.
 so don't be blind -seek your purpose of your life and think again and again if that can lead you to what you want. by asking yourself, why I want to do it?  


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