When I need to fix something, but I can't do it alone. I asked Allah for help. Then I finger like it's impossible to solve. Related to the weakness of my humanity. I looked for astronomy photos and 
observing how great this Universe. Then how Allah greater than it. 

So it's shameful to feel impossible of fixing small little things. If Allah created all of that. He absolutely can do whatever you want to. Simply ask him with very strong faith of his ability & mercy . After few minutes of observations and meditation. I perceive how easy for Allah to do everything I need or love to happen. Even more than what I asked him. 

Every now and then Allah shows me his mercy through miracles. 
I sense how Allah is mercy and generous to me to her slave girl. 

My faith becomes stronger than before
My fears and doubts are melted. 

After all of that my heart trust to leave it to Allah. Feeling peace and calm spirit 

But that didn't prevent a my faith collapsing, Related to my weakness of humanity. I need to remind myself again and again . "Imagine how the greatest of Allah". And keep repeating remained until the rest of your life. You know what. I think that's why the call for prayer -Athan- was "Allah is great" then we repeat it more than 94 times a day during Prying.

So don't think even a little bit Allah can't do a small thing like your life, baby. ❤️❤️


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